Fr. James M. DiPerri

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Building Strong Communities Through Education

Fr. James DiPerri grew up in South Boston, where the community played a major role in the
development of its youth. His South Boston roots not only helped form him as an individual, but
fostered his vocation to the priesthood.

In his early adulthood, Fr. DiPerri got involved in civic affairs. In particular, he was instrumental
in the federal lawsuit against airport noise. As the lead plaintiff in the case, he saw a victory for
the people of his hometown. However, his involvement in civic affairs was not a route to run
for public office; it was a way for him to exercise his faith. It was through this exercise that he
learned that he enjoyed serving others, and realized he was hearing the call to become a priest.

Since being ordained, each parish Fr. DiPerri has served has had a school community—something
for which he has been very grateful. “It’s so important for our schools to stay true to the Catholic
mission and ensure that faith guides future generations.”

Today, Fr. DiPerri’s parish school is Our Lady’s Academy in Waltham, where he happily serves the
parish and school community. Recently, the school underwent two major renovations and
expansions, the first of which Fr. DiPerri saw as an opportunity to evangelize. “When we began
our first renovations, we intentionally built the new main entrance to open toward the
chapel—the spiritual heart of our school where Jesus, the true foundation of Catholic
education, is found.” Since that time, the school has also added a new science lab and music
classrooms to enhance students' education.

How blessed we are to have priests like Fr. DiPerri who understand the importance and hope of
fostering childrens’ faith in today’s world so our communities remain strong tomorrow.

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