Fr. Joseph K. Raeke

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Living and Teaching in Good Faith

Fr. Joseph Raeke is the pastor at the Catholic tri-parishes of Brockton. As such,
he also attends to Trinity Catholic Academy (TCA) where he works with children of all faiths.

A few years ago, Fr. Raeke started “teaching Masses” at TCA, where he breaks down parts
of the Mass to educate the students on what is really happening. These Masses have been
wildly popular with students and faculty alike. Fr. Raeke says, “For Catholic students,
gaining a deeper understanding of the elements of Holy Mass is central to their formation.
And if students aren’t Catholic, their overall education is enriched simply by expanding their
knowledge of other religious denominations and the sacraments that are celebrated as part
of the Catholic faith tradition.”

Serving in this diverse parish community, Fr. Raeke is not only making an impact on
students at the school, but with the community as a whole. When parishioners were looking
for a place to have daily Mass at St. Edith Stein parish, Fr. Raeke organized a group to
make this happen. Families offered free labor to transform the formerly vacant lower
Church into a beautiful chapel.

Fr. Raeke is a living example of how our priests are building strong communities
of good faith in our Archdiocese of Boston.

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