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The Clergy Health and Retirement Trust (formerly "Clergy Funds") was established in 1972 to care for the health, welfare, and retirement needs of the 614 active and senior diocesan priests who serve the Archdiocese of Boston by providing a continuum of care for their health and well-being. The Clergy Health and Retirement Trusts are independent from but work collaboratively with, other Archdiocesan entities, and are comprised of four individual trust funds—Clergy Benefit Funding Trust, Clergy Medical/Hospitalization Trust, Clergy Retirement Trust and Regina Cleri Trust.  

Governed by a Board of Trustees

An independent Board of Trustees comprised of local business leaders and priests governs the Clergy Health and Retirement Trust. The Clergy Health and Retirement Trust Board of Trustees is committed to the care and wellbeing of all priests of the Archdiocese of Boston, and providing that care in a fiscally responsible, transparent way.  

Sustained by Private Philanthropy

Sixty percent (60%) of the Clergy Health and Retirement Trust is sustained by private philanthropy, including three annual parish collections (at Christmas, Easter, and in September) and an annual fundraising dinner, the Celebration of the Priesthood. Parishes and organizations that are served by a diocesan priest finance the remaining 40% of the Clergy Health and Retirement Trust.  

Financially Independent and Stable

The Clergy Health and Retirement Trust is managed in a fiscally responsible way to allow for current and future sustainability. Through continued fiscal discipline, the Clergy Health and Retirement Trust generates a surplus that allows it to fund future benefits of our senior priests and continue to keep our promises to all priests to secure the financial underpinnings of their later years.  

Professionally Staffed

The Clergy Health and Retirement Trust is managed by Executive Director Joseph D’Arrigo, a benefits expert with extensive experience in the field. Prior to his appointment in 2008, he built a highly successful employee benefit consulting company and, through a strategic alliance, established a successful distribution channel for a major insurance company. He is assisted by a staff of six who are based at the Archdiocese of Boston’s Pastoral Center in Braintree, MA.

Home Visits and Medical Advocacy

Living alone, especially when one has been outwardly-directed during his adult life, brings special challenges to priests in retirement. To assist them in adjusting and to help them live full lives, the Clergy Health and Retirement Trust provides a myriad of services, from workshops and seminars to regular home visits to medical care and advocacy.
Mary Hanlon, RN, B.S.N., the Clergy Health and Retirement Trust Healthcare Coordinator, visits each senior priest who is living alone, in a rectory, in assisted living, or in a nursing home each year. She also visits every priest who is hospitalized and coordinates care with family or staff as needed. Last year, Mary visited over 300 priests. Mary is an information resource for priests making healthcare decisions, and she serves as a liaison to the priests' families and healthcare proxies.
Our work with active priests includes a partnership with Tufts Health Plan case managers to provide priority care and transition-to-home services for those with high risk factors. This medical advocacy helps our priests take control of their health, and encourages them to learn more about the health and wellness resources available to them.  

Comprehensive Emotional Wellness Program

In addition to supporting the physical well-being of our priests, it is important that we also develop aggressive programs for their mental and emotional well-being. In response to this need, the Clergy Health and Retirement Trust has developed a Comprehensive Emotional Wellness Program to support emotional wellness for all priests of the Archdiocese of Boston.
Such outreach builds the communication, trust and respect between our priests and Clergy Health and Retirement Trust team members that is critical to senior priests being able to access resources that will help them maintain a healthy lifestyle.


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