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Regina Cleri

Residence for Senior Priests of the Archdiocese of Boston

Regina Cleri is a religious community committed to supporting the health and vocation of the senior priestsof the Archdiocese of Boston. Regina Cleri provides resident senior priests with support for their physical and emotional health, quality of life and spiritual life, thereby allowing them to dedicate their later years to their lifelong commitment to their vocation.

Located in the heart of Boston’s West End neighborhood, Regina Cleri is home to 55 senior priests (23% of Boston’s senior priests) who have devoted their lives in service to God and His Church in Boston. Together, these faithful men represent more than 2,800 years of ministry. In addition, Regina Cleri has two respite rooms for both active and senior priests recovering from surgery or illness who need a quiet place to rest prior to returning to ministry.

At Regina Cleri, we are proud to offer the opportunity for continued spritual growth and weekly social activities so our residents can maintain a healthy, balances lifestyle. We are committed to creating a safe environment by cultivating a climate of dignity, confidentiality, and trust while supporting each resident in making his own decisions and promoting independence.

Our staff is dedicated to providing excellence.

Stephen J. Gust, Director

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