Care for those who care for us

By making a donation to Clergy Trust, you are directly supporting all of our active and senior diocesan priests in good standing who build stronger communities for all through their ministry.

other ways to give

*Please note, any gift should be directed to “RCAB Clergy Benefit Funding Trust” (Tax ID #45-3995881).

To find more ways to give (by check, Amazon Smile, etc.) click here.


your generosity in action

Thanks to the generosity of people like you, Clergy Trust is able to provide the following services for priests in good standing.

Intentional Living Program

Providing preventive health and wellness programs for our priests to help them maintain a balanced lifestyle.

Dedicated Care Team

Providing one-on-one support and guidance for priests with health concerns.


Providing senior priests in good standing with fraternal community before returning home to God.

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