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How Your Gift Helps

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The Clergy Health and Retirement Trust is made possible solely through the generosity of people like you.

With your support in 2016, we launched a new care team committed to addressing the specific holistic health and wellness needs of priests. Comprised of an MD psychiatrist, a PhD therapist, a registered nurse, and a licensed social worker, this team offers a wealth of talent and expertise in expanding and integrating services for all our priests. This team is on the leading edge of care for priests in the U.S. No other diocese currently offers this level of advocacy when it comes to the health and well-being of priests.

Because of you, we’ve also been able to expand our clinical services at Regina Cleri, our senior priest residence in Boston, home to 56 priests. The 219 senior priests of our Archdiocese of Boston have devoted most of their lives to us and our Church, representing 11,655 years of service to our Church. Many continue to celebrate the sacraments each day and contribute to parish life and hospital ministry as they are able.

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