Intentional Living Program

“Our team encourages priests to adopt a lifestyle (nutrition, exercise, sleep) that promotes their physical health. We realize that physical health influences mental health, spiritual health, and emotional health and we hope that our priests will learn to manage their physical health by using the tools we provide them.” 

Kathryn “Kate” Marshall, Wellness Coordinator

Clergy Trust’s Intentional Living Program provides preventive health and wellness programs for the 325 active and 203 senior priests of the Archdiocese Boston. This includes a 360-degree approach to healthy living with a focus on proper sleep, hygiene, smart food choices, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Kate Marshall, Clergy Trust Wellness Coordinator, sends out bi-weekly communications to priests that feature everything from exercise videos, to healthy recipes, to overall wellness advice. There are currently 175 active and senior priests that actively use Fitbits from Clergy Trust to monitor their health and help them stay dedicated to their personal well-being.

Our priests are so committed to serving others that they can often overlook their own well-being. The Intentional Living Program serves as a support system and reminder that good health is imperative to our priests continuing their ministry and serving our communities.