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Regina Cleri

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Residence for Senior Priests of the Archdiocese of Boston

Regina Cleri is a religious community committed to supporting the health and vocation of the eligible senior priests of the Archdiocese of Boston.

Regina Cleri provides resident senior priests with support for their physical and emotional health, quality of life, and spiritual life, thereby allowing them to dedicate their later years to their lifelong commitment to their vocation.

Located in the heart of Boston's West End neighborhood, Regina Cleri is home to 56 senior priests who have devoted their lives in service to God and His Church in Boston. Together, these faithful men represent more than 2,800 years of ministry. Since 1964, our mission has been to provide senior priests with high quality, holistic care and a spectrum of services to meet their changing needs. Our goal is to nurture the spirit, body, and mind of our priests so they can continue living out their vocation. The average age of our residents is 85 years of age. In addition, Regina Cleri has two respite rooms for priests recovering from surgery or illness who need a quiet place to rest prior to returning to ministry.


Stephen J. Gust, Director

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The opportunity for continued growth in the spiritual life is the primary goal of Regina Cleri. Residents enjoy:

  • Daily Community Mass
  • Three Private Chapels
  • Daily Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament
  • Daily Benediction
  • Day of Recollection
  • Annual In-House Retreats

While many priests take a less active position in their senior years, they still fulfill an important role in enriching the spiritual life of their local community. They continue to fulfill their lifetime commitment to their vocation. Many of our resident priests continue to serve as senior priests assisting at St. Joseph Parish next door or at any of the parishes they have served in the past. They celebrate Mass at parishes throughout the Archdiocese when called upon, bring Holy Communion to the homebound and sick, and serve as an ongoing source of wisdom and support to those they encounter. Senior priests at Regina Cleri also are on-call 24-hours a day at Massachusetts General Hospital, serving as a visible sign of God's presence among us during life's joys and sorrows. This ministry is valued deeply by patients and their families who turn to their priests during some of life's most critical moments when support is most needed.

Regina Cleri residents have a great life balance and enjoy many different community activities including:
  • A Residence Governance Committee
  • Sporting Events
  • Dinner Outings
  • Educational Classes
  • Spiritual Outings
  • Happy Hour
  • Movies Night
Our residents can rest assured that their health needs will be take care of by excellent professionals including:
  • 24-Hour Nursing Support
  • Geriatric Health & Wellness Representative
  • Blood Pressure and Flu Clinics
  • Medication Management
  • Visiting Occupational and Physical Therapy Services
Regina Cleri employs a staff of dedicated individuals, plus Sister Disciples of the Divine Master who live on site and are there 24 hours per day. Regina Cleri’s staff, led by Director Stephen Gust, exhibits deep care and commitment to the priests they care for to build an enjoyable and peaceful environment for residents. Staff include:
  • 24-Hour Nursing Support
  • Sisters Disciples of the Divine Master
  • Maintenance Staff
  • Wait Staff
  • Chefs and Kitchen Staff
  • Housekeeping Staff
  • Events Coordinator
Regina Cleri is thoughtfully and intentionally designed to meet the changing needs of priests who are aging in place, enabling them to live as independent a lifestyle as possible. Some of personal services available to residents are:
  • Full Laundry Service
  • Full Housekeeping Service
  • Transportation Provided to Medical and Dental Appointments Inside the Campus of MGH
  • In-House Barber
  • In-House Podiatrist
  • Free Parking