Patricia Muldoon
Parishioner, Immaculate Conception, Weymouth
As parents, our faith life has helped us to guide our family. Without our faith and without the fortune of being able to meet the priests who have had such an impact, I think our lives would’ve been empty.
Hector Heredia
Youth Counselor, Lawrence
Father was there in every way you could think of in my journey. If you love someone the way Father loves and cares for other people, that’s going to be the help that everybody needs. If it wasn’t for that, I don’t know what I’d be doing at this time.
Ed Hardiman
Headmaster St. John’s Prep, Danvers
Whether it's in Ecuador and it's in a small recinto far out that it took hours to get to, whether it's in Charlestown or in Lawrence, Fr. Jim Ronan has a guiding core belief that as priest, his vocation is to empower the people that he serves to be unique expressions of God's love in the world.
Joseph Finn
Commissioner, Boston Fire Department
We've been blessed with some outstanding chaplains, like Fr. Dan Mahoney and Fr. John Unni, who really were involved in the lives of our members. They commit so much of their time and energy to firefighters. It's just a blessing for the Boston Fire Department.
Lyndia Downie
President and CEO, Pine Street Inn
The Association for Urban Priests (ABUP) created what we know today as Pine Street Inn … It was an effort, I think, on behalf of Father Kelly and the other people involved in ABUP to do something important for the city and to step in where nobody else would at the time, because I think people were afraid.