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As Catholics, we are called to care for our priests as an expression of our love of Christ and His Church. 

Most priests fund a portion of their health care and living expenses in their senior years, but few can cover the full cost. The mission of the Clergy Health and Retirement Trust is to make up the difference by ensuring an appropriate level of care for our priests, especially when age or health dictates, from the moment of their ordination to their passing from earthly life.

When a man is ordained to the priesthood, the Church becomes his family. The Clergy Health and Retirement Trust team does not replace a priest’s immediate family, but, as in our own families, offers the essential health and wellness care that each of us would want for our loved ones.

Most of all, it means being available to them, just as they are available to others.

Caring for our priests means more than covering their health and living expenses. It means:

  • Making personal visits to all our senior priests, whether they are living on their own or at a rectory
  • Helping them navigate issues with their health, allaying medical concerns, acting as an advocate for them, and ensuring that they feel supported; sometimes it means making a personal home visit to assess health and wellness needs
  • Providing respite care for priests recovering from illness or surgery so that they can return to active ministry
  • Paying stipends for priests on disability or health leave, and helping to secure safe and accessible housing when necessary
  • Managing medical and dental programs, making sure all priests receive the benefits they are entitled to from the government, and driving them to and from the social security office when transportation is unavailable
  • Coordinating and administering the Comprehensive Emotional Wellness Program

Your support to the Clergy Health and Retirement Trust helps us ensure that the needs of our priests are met so that they can continue serving others. Through the Clergy Health and Retirement Trust, we keep the promises made to secure the future for our priests, and say thank you for their commitment to serving God and His family here in the Archdiocese of Boston.

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