healthier priests.
stronger communities.

caring for those who care for us

Clergy Trust is an independently managed trust that is committed to providing ongoing care and support for the health, well-being, and retirement of 536 diocesan priests in good standing across greater Boston. 

Our priests remain an integral presence at the center of extraordinary causes all throughout Greater Boston. This work shares an essential common thread: our priests don’t just enrich the lives of Catholics in the community; they enrich the lives of everyone.

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health & Wellness
Intentional Living Program

Healthier priests build stronger communities. By supporting Clergy Trust, you can help provide preventive health and wellness programs for our priests to help them maintain a balanced lifestyle and continue their ministry.

Support & guidance
Dedicated Care Team

Quality healthcare allows our priests to focus on their vocation and serving our communities. With your help, our Care Team can continue providing one-on-one support and guidance for priests with health concerns.

Fraternal Community
Regina Cleri

Senior priests serve in parishes and various ministries long past the normal age of retirement. Your support ensures senior priests in good standing are cared for and can live in a fraternal community before returning home to God.